During my mission in Oklahoma City, the missionaries circulated a paper titled “Make No Small Plans” with a statement by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, then an executive administrator for the Church in the South Central Area. The statement was as follows:

I have a vision that the South will one day baptize more people into the Church than the rest of the English speaking world together.

I believe the Lord is preparing a mighty host of devoutly religious people who will, when they see their pastors and ministers veering away from the gospel, come into the Church in great numbers.

My mission president wondered if Elder Featherstone actually said this, and so he called him up to confirm. Elder Featherstone enthusiastically confirmed this statement, still firmly believing that this would someday come true. In fact, I have on my copy a small note in the bottom right-hand corner:

Confirmed Tuesday 17 May 2005
10:45 pm

Included with the note is my mission president’s signature.